Sacred Geology & The Astro Pocket

Astro and Kyle Warrington are local prospectors based at the center of the Pikes Peak Mining Batholith. 

Specializing in Fine, Rare & Raw Mineral Specimens from Colorado. All Crystal Specimens are Collected & Cleaned by us!

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Astro & Kyle's Story

After Astro was diagnosed with caner, Kyle quit his job to pursue mining full time. When prospecting the front range of Pikes Peak in El Paso County, Colorado - December 2017, the Astro Pocket was discovered!

After 7 months of Carefully Extracting Cubic Fluorite and Making Memories on the Mountain Astro passed away. In his honor it was claimed and named The Astro Mine.

Astro - Golden RetriverColorado School of Mines Geology MuseumMine tunnelMiner's Pick Axe & Tunnel

Smoky Quartz Crystal ExtractionMine tunnel with snow

Fresh crystal specimens