Who we are

wAstro and Kyle Warrington are local miners based in the center of the Pikes Peak Mining Batholith. Specializing in fine, rare mineral specimens from Colorado. All crystal specimens are self collected & cleaned for market.

Astro & Kyle's Story

After Astro was diagnosed with caner, Kyle quite his job to pursue mining full time. When prospecting the front range of Pikes Peak in El Paso County, Colorado - December 2017, the Astro Pocket was discovered! After 7 months of carefully extracting cubic fluorite and make memories on the mountain Astro passed away. In his honor it was claimed and named The Astro Mine.


Sacred Geology, Gem Shop, Crystals, Fluorite, Mineral Specimens
Owner/Miner - Kyle Warrington
Email - SacredGeology@yahoo.com
Phone - 719-644-3485

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